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Channel for complaints, crimes, and infringements

Through these channels it is also possible to state complaints regarding eventual conflicts of interest; unethical behavior; violation of the current legislation concerning the infringement of policies, internal rules, and control procedures; and regarding any situation that requires the attention of Senior Management or EFE’S Directory.

If the complaint is anonymous, the background data in which it is founded must be provided. Also, a valid email address can be provided for further contact. In the case of GRIEVANCES or SUGGESTIONS, send them to the e-mail:; they will be answered by the Communication Department of our company.

EFE has the following formal channels for complaints; some are internally managed by the company, while others are managed externally by the international firm KPMG. Choose the most comfortable or reliable for you.

Canales Internos (Grupo EFE) Externos (KPMG)
Correos electrónicos
Página Web ***
Fono *** 800 835 074 (Gratuito)
Fax *** +56 2 7981000
Correo Postal Dirigido al Encargado de Prevención de Delitos del Grupo EFE Morando 115, Piso 6, Santiago. Dirigido a KPMG Av. Apoquindo 3039, Piso 5, Las Condes, Santiago
Entrevistas Personales Con el Encargado de Prevención de Delitos de EFE (Matías Herrera Peters) o Con el Jefe Directo en EFE o filiales (en caso de trabajadores de la organización). Con el personal especializado KPMG (Solicitar previamente reunión al correo o teléfonos antes señalados).

As established in Article 27 of Law N° 19.913, is responsible of this crime who in any way hides or disguises the illicit origin of certain goods or materially hides these goods; acknowledging that the goods come from crimes as illicit drug traffic, terrorism, weapon traffic, promotion of child prostitution, kidnapping, bribery, fraud to the State, misappropriation of public funds and others. Also is responsible for this crime who commits any of the activities described above, without knowing the origin of the goods, due to inexcusable negligence. Also who acquires, possesses or uses the mentioned goods with the aim of earning profits, when knowing its origin at the moment of receiving them.

As established in Article 8 of Law N° 18.314, a crime is being committed by whom using any media, directly or indirectly, ask, collect or provide funds for a terrorist act. These are specific common crimes (for example: murder; bomb or explosive artifact attempt; railway derailment; seizure or attack against boats, airplanes, trains, buses or other transportation services; acts that put in danger the life, corporal integrity or health of their passengers or crew; among other), which are done with the intention of producing an unjustified fear in the whole or part of the population, to become a victim of similar crimes.

As established in the 250 Article of the Penal Code, this crime is committed by who offers or agrees to give an economic benefit to a national public official, in order to gain advantage for himself or a third person; for actions to be done or already done concerning the work position of the functionary, who is not in his right to do; for omitting information in the past or the future, concerning an act related to his work position; for the execution of an act in violation of the duties of her or his office; or for committing any crime as a public employee.

According to Article 251 of the Penal Code commits this crime who offers, promises or gives an economic benefit or of other nature to a public employee in a foreign country, in advantage of himself or a third party. To ask the employee to perform an action or an omission, that will have the aim of obtaining or keeping, an improper business in the ambit of any international transaction; or who offers, promises, gives or agrees to give a benefit to a public employee in a foreign country for having done the indicated actions or omissions.

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