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The mobilization of train traffic and all motorized railway equipment require a centralized system to perform the steps for proper circulation on the road, whose main objective is the safety of people and the community, controlling the inherent risks that exist when using a rail. These control systems are basically composed of two subsystems: A System Mobilization and Communication System.


  • Mobilization System: A system for managing traffic on the path through space-time assignments controlled each train. Several systems mobilization train traffic, of which, those used in the parent company EFE (Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado) are the CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) and AUV (Authorization Using Road or Track Warrant System).
  • Communication System: Using the Control Traffic to transmit assignments spacetime each train in daily operations as well as to receive / deliver relevant information to / from stations, border control and machinists.

FCALP is implementing a project to implement a system Centralized Traffic Control to reach safety standards for people who move trains to motorized machinery and the safety of the community. The traffic control system contributes to this objective through the following services:

  • Improving quality (clarity and intensity) of voice transmission via radio communications throughout the Chilean stretch of railway from Arica to La Paz.
  • A Traffic Control adapted to a protocol (AUV System) that allows to manage the mobilization of train traffic, as well as disseminating, address and mitigate emergencies eventualities.
    Implement a system Radio with various levels of robustness to provide continuous service and immune environmental conditions
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